Dec 02, 2020

Lpn Math Study Guide

lpn medication exam with the answers

LPN II MEDICATION EXAMINATION Please answer the following questions if you are certified as an LPN II. Name: _____ Date: _____ 1. You are using a volumetric infusion pump and want to infuse 125 ml of solution per hour, you would set the volumetric infusion pump at? a. 62.5 ml/hr b. 125 ml/hr c. 250 ml/hr d. 15 ml/hr 2. Order: Infuse 750 ml of D5 ½ NS over 16 hours. How fast will you set your ...

lpn medication test for employment

» LPN Medication Test | Solutions for job seekers and hiring managers

lpn nclex study guide

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Lpn Math Study Guide

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Lpn Math Study Guide