Maps of Burkina Faso

Burkina map
Map of the important peoples of Burkina Faso




I have added several maps of art and peoples of Burkina Faso.  I have also added large-scale detailed maps of the cities, towns and villages in several areas.  These maps were compiled before independence by the French colonial administration, and have been for sale at the Geographical Institute in Ouagadougou.  Over the years I have purchased at least two complete sets, one of which is also available at the Peace Corps office in Ouagadougou.

Pama maps _002

Pama maps _003

Pama maps _001

Pama maps _004

Diapaga maps _001

Diapaga maps _002

Diapaga maps _004

Diapaga maps _003

Sikasso maps-3

Sikasso maps-2

Sikasso maps-1

Sikasso maps-4

Hounde maps _002

Hounde maps _001

Hounde maps _004

Hounde maps _003

San Mali maps-2

Kaya maps-2

Kaya maps-3

Kaya maps-5

Kaya maps-1

Ouahigouya maps-4

Ouahigouya maps-3

Ouahigouya maps-2

Ouahigouya maps-1

San Mali maps-2

San, MAli maps-1a

San Mali maps-4

San Mali maps-3

San Mali maps-2

Silli 1

Silli 1

Map of BAnfora Orodara 2


San and Djenne, Mali maps-1

San and Djenne, Mali maps-4

San and Djenne, Mali maps-3

San and Djenne,  Mali maps-2

Map of road to Silli and Kiere

Map of Banfora Orodara 2