Mossi art

Mossi: Diversity in the Art of a west African People (book)

Mossi mask, karan wemba, University of Iowa Museum of Art

I have made several videos of Mossi art in performance:


Mossi1 4
This is a mask in North Central Mossi country. I photographed it at a funeral in 1977. If you look closely you will see that there is a figure of the deceased female ancestor lashed to the horns of the mask. Of course the figure is a black plastic baby doll that the owner purchased in the market.
Mossi_3434_Kirsi funeral
Three Mossi masks at a funeral in the village of Kirsi in 1977. on the far left you see a woman with a head tie, and stuck into the hentai is a thin bit of wood painted black and white. The woman is a joking relative, or relative of the deceased related by marriage, and the thin bit of wood is her mask.
Mossi bouga 2
Images of a diviner front and back, made in about 1907 by Fritz Nansen, who accompanied the great German Explorer Leo Frobenius on a trip through Burkina Faso to German Togoland, Nigeria, and Cameroon. Diviners such as these still perform in a large number of Mossi villages.
Mossi planks
Two Mossi masks perform at a funeral just north of the town of Yako in 1976. These are the vertical plank masks for which the Mossi people have been well known for decades. The tall planks represent the path of the ancestors as they descended from heaven on the arc of creation.